Racing Round Stacking Pyramid

$ 17.99

From French toy maker Janod, this unique stacking tower has been creatively designed to ensure there is a logical progression from one stacking piece to the next. Not only will your child learn to assemble the stacking tower based on the shape of each stacking object, but also based on the beautifully designed illustrations. Once correctly assembled, the stacking tower presents a race track, complete with race cars, connected race track, a start and finish line, and surrounding scenery.

The set is presented in a convenient carrying box complete with handle fastened to its sturdy outer box. Bright colors and fun illustrations will keep your child captivated as they work to assemble and disassemble their pyramid. Great for learning object recognition and orientation as a pre-reading skill, Janod pyramids are also perfect for developing fine motor skills.

  • Dimensions (assembled): 5.4" (L) x 5.4" (W) x 34.5" (H)
  • For ages 12 months and up
  • Great tool for learning object recognition and object orientation
  • Arrives in box complete with carrying handle
  • Contains ten nested, round cardboard elements
  • Designed in France by: Janod
  • Made responsibly in China

Arden's Review

We especially like this particular type of stacking pyramid, because of its round "edges". Many other stacking toys have sharper edges/corners and our children have sometimes slightly hurt themselves a bit by falling on top of the edges, or when the crashing tower happens to land a corner piece on our child's bare foot. There is no worry about "edges" when it comes to Janod's round stacking pyramid.

We also like the creatively designed drawings of the pyramid, as they all go together and "make sense", once assembled. Many other stacking pyramids we have seen and evaluated do not provide a logical connection between one piece to the next besides perhaps the numbering or some other element. Janod's Racing Round Pyramid, however, has all elements work in conjunction and present a wonderfully illustrated race track scenery, once correctly assembled, thereby subliminally teaching our kids more than just number and object recognition, but also allowing them to appreciate the artistic value of this toy.

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