Printspace is full of delightful and inspiring products which are suitable for any room in the home and the coolest offices.

You can always tell a Printspace product by the colors used and the personal nature of the designs. Printspace is an Australian studio based in Richmond Melbourne.

In their own words:

"We believe in creativity and we have a grand vision for now and the future. Our Spring Summer 2013/14 collection is our heart in colour. It's so important to listen closely to the generous feedback. It's equally important to encourage consistent interest and do what we can to provide a great creative range. Thank you for your loyal and ongoing support. It's what keeps us focussed. We will continue to bring a little bit more print, light and colour to your space. We feel like we have come so far and are determined to keep up the work and to provide the best service we can. Sincere Thanks."

Nicholas, Mara and the Printspace gang.

About the Artists

Husband and wife duo Mara Girling and Nicholas Girling both studied Graphic Design at Swinburn and Monash Universities in Melbourne Australia. They share an interest for creating artworks which are memorable and positive. Printspace is also supported by a small team of wonderful and talented people including Anna, and Ebony in Melbourne, plus our extended family of supporters and followers.

About the Art

Decisions on materials and presentations are always based around longevity and the finest elements available. Quality is extremely important when it comes to Printspace. Where possible they seek out earth friendly papers, materials and vegetable based inks. Aside from their art products, their recent displays are also made from post consumer waste.

The art prints were used in the Australian TV show "Winners and Losers". They have also been featured on The Design Files, Marie Claire Magazine and Real Living Magazine. 

Created for the young and young at heart, the Printspace collection is designed to be bold, memorable and timeless to remain in your life for years. Find sweet birds, hooting owls, quirky penguins and retro robots amongst the range.
 Created and made in Melbourne Australia by Artists Mara Girling and Nicholas Girling.
 The stylish and colorful prints make great gifts.

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