Monkeez and Friends

Whimsical, colorful Genuine Monkeez and Friends knit and plush characters make wonderful friends for children everywhere! Additionally, through the program, Monkeez Makes a Difference, your store can bring the power of philanthropy to your customers and the children in their lives.

Adding vibrant colors to the traditional sock monkey, and welcoming a wide range of animal friends, is how the Genuine Monkeez and Friends brand make its popular debut into the market place. Featuring the highest quality of fabrics, as well as play-factor features, Genuine Monkeez and Friends are loved by children of all ages!

However, the super fun plush toys have a great big message called Monkeez Makes a Difference. Monkeez Makes a Difference is a first-of-its-kind, fun and interactive experience that teaches children they can make a difference by helping others. Secure online games and "Do Good" challenges empower children to make a difference on a local, national, and global level. It's child's play that instills philanthropic values to last a lifetime.

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