Company Overview

Since the beginning, Kaloo has maintained an enduring desire to offer pure comfort with exceptionally soft creations. Inspired by the tenderness of babies, Kaloo creations are incomparable. Kaloo's creations are exceptional. Kaloo’s range of products touches the hearts of young children and brings them sweet comfort in their most affectionate moments. From the first moment a young child touches their Kaloo, they will treasure and love their soft and cuddly Kaloo companion forever.

The quality and innovative style of the creations and the comfortable, tactile materials have made Kaloo one of the leading players in the birth gift market for infants. Kaloo has a very particular approach to a baby’s specific needs in terms of affectivity, stimulation and safety, which are inherent in all the Kaloo creations. The quality department of the brand controls each step of the fabrication process, hence ensuring constant quality and the total safety of each product.

Kaloo's History

A father’s dream, to invent different soft toys for his little boy. His vision was softness and comfort using innovative materials in a rainbow full of colors. His aim was to create the doudou his little boy had dreamt of. A little bear, an emotional symbol for all toddlers, was then chosen as the brand’s emblematic animal. Because dreams can come true, Kaloo came to life one beautiful morning in late 1998.

Added value
The quality department of the brand controls each step of the fabrication process, hence ensuring constant quality and the total safety of each product.

Beautiful gift boxes and soft tags, all these details are the signs of the special attention that Kaloo brings to its creations. Each product is beautifully packed in an individual round gift box.