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It's our mission to be the world's most trusted, transparent provider of environmentally and socially responsible toys and tableware for children.


We know safety is your highest priority, and it's ours too. That's why Green Toys Inc. proudly manufacturers its entire offering of eco-friendly children's products in the USA. Our tight local supply chain, which utilizes locally sourced authentic, American-made goods of the highest quality. Using 100% post-consumer recycled plastic, we not only divert material from landfills, but also reduce our carbon footprint and potentially harmful greenhouse gas emissions. Green Toys' non-toxic food-safe toys and table ware are tested throughout every stage of production, and meet or exceed all relevant safety standards.

Made in the USA

We are proud to make all of our products in the USA. Domestic manufacturing reduces transportation emissions, helps provide jobs, and stimulates the economy. It also allows for constant presence throughout the entire supply chain, which means a stringent quality control process that includes routine on-site inspection as well as third party testing.

How It's Made

Our toys start as milk jugs. These milk jugs are recycled by consumers and collected curbside by municipal recycling facilities. The recycled milk jugs are shredded into flake, cleaned, and reprocessed into our raw material, which is then mixed with food-safe mineral-based colorant, eliminating the need for external paints and dyes. Every batch of this resin is tested before manufacturing begins to ensure the safest products for your kids.

Using recycled plastic to make our products saves energy and reduces greenhouse gas emissions. In addition, our environmental commitment extends to our packaging - recyclable corrugated cardboard printed with soy inks. All told, this adds up to high-quality, classic toys and tableware that are good for the earth, as well as safe and fun for the little ones who call it home.

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