"We are fagus" ... is our slogan, "Closeness" is our key word. Close to you, so to speak: For over 30 years - alongside our product quality and excellent value for money - we have been known for our closeness. Closeness with our community where we manufacture, the children who are lucky enough to receive a fagus wooden toy, and our employees in our charity-supported workshop for people with disabilities.

Everything else only becomes tangible when you hold a fagus product in your hand - for instance our closeness to nature: fagus products are manufactured with particular attention to conserving resources, solely using German beech wood from forestry enterprises that guarantee sustainable management of their forests. fagus toys are also ultra-durable and naturally meet national and international safety standards. 

It‘s against this background that the products‘ uniqueness comes into its own: toys that stimulate the imagination, at the same time encouraging creativity and motor skills and are also multi-dimensional, positively drawing children away from computer and video games. Experience it for yourself. Purchase a fagus product from Arden Anne and see the wonders and creativity it brings out in your children. Go ahead, they deserve it.

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