Djeco is a French toy maker known for its artistic designs and liberal use of vibrant colors. Founded over 60 years ago in 1954 by a mother working at a holiday camp, the company remains a family business. Djeco's current Managing Director is this mother's son, Frederick.

When Frederick took on the family business in 1989, he created a series of educational toys, guided by a discerning artistic disposition not commonly found in the toy world. Wooden jigsaws and toys, and cardboard puzzles, led the way; then, the collections grew as card games and board games were added. In 2004, a wave of wonder and poetry began to fill children’s bedrooms with beautiful decorative items. 2006 saw the arrival of craft packs containing an innovative collection of creative leisure ideas, which are the products you see available on Arden Anne.

These unprecedented collections grew from a style of artistic management where the emphasis on graphic art, design quality and aesthetic knack would be the hallmark of a new era in games.

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