delight. inspire.

Arden Anne wants to do something about child illiteracy. With every purchase you make on Arden Anne, we donate a book to a child in need. We call this program "delight. inspire.", because we aim to delight the lucky recipients of our luxury children's products while each purchase also has the potential to inspire a child to overcome illiteracy. Often times, it's not just the lack of a structured education, an amazing teacher, or caring parents that causes child illiteracy. Often times, it's simply the lack of material that can have such a detrimental impact on a child's future. 

How does a child learn to ride a bike, if he never gets to ride on one? Similarly, how does a child learn to read, if she never has access to books? 

Thank you for supporting our "delight. inspire." program and doing something!

   - Frank, Mindy, Abigail, Anderson and Arden Anne



What do you mean by "delight" and "inspire"?

Arden Anne is a specialty children's boutique whose products mean to delight both child and parent. Our product selection consists of only smart and sophisticated toys and games that are luxurious and stylish, while at the same time safe, fun, educational and engaging. Every purchase from Arden Anne also aims to inspire a child to learn to read or read more, because with every transaction, Arden Anne donates a children's book to a qualifying charity.

Why did Arden Anne choose to donate books?

There are many facts and statistics that outline this problem, and the one that shocked us the most was that 1 in 4 children in America grow up without learning how to read ( 25% of our children cannot read! If you think about what disadvantages illiteracy poses on a person in life, whether personal or professional, it's unimaginable to see someone succeeding without being able to read. Although perhaps just the proverbial drop in a bucket, Arden Anne aims to transform the lives of America's children by helping to solve this problem.

Who does Arden Anne donate to?

The recipients of our books change throughout the year, and you can find a list of past charities here. We are big believers in diversification, so Arden Anne does not champion a single charitable institution. Furthermore, we hope that by keeping our charities "fresh", our customers will return to Arden Anne and continue to support new charities. The current beneficiary is always highlighted on our website, so when you purchase from Arden Anne, you will always know which institution will receive a book because of your generous support.

What books do you donate?

Generally, Arden Anne will donate children books ranging from infant books to young adult. The quality of our donated books are high and must meet a minimum quality standard. Here are some of the books Arden Anne has donated in the past.

Do you donate a book with every product or purchase?

We donate a book with every purchase. So if you purchase two products in one transaction, we donate one book. We plan on increasing our donation program so we can donate one book for every product you purchase (so two books in the previous example), but we're still small and just starting out, so we're not quite there yet. With your generous support, however, we can get there. So come back often! :)

What happens if I return my purchase?

That's OK. We understand that sometimes you need to return things, which is why we have a generous return policy. Your returns should have nothing to do with a child's inspiration to read, so the book we donated from your returned purchase stays donated.