About Us

Arden Anne (TM) is a family-owned, family-run online retailer of smart, sophisticated children products. We (or rather our three children and their friends) personally review and play with almost all products that we sell, and you can find additional photos and videos of us doing so on Arden Anne to get a better understanding of each product that interests you.

We source our products from all over the world. Many of our suppliers are also small, family-owned, family-run enterprises, making their high-quality products difficult to obtain in local stores or other online retailers. Sometimes, Arden Anne is the exclusive distributor of a certain brand, making Arden Anne the only online retailer to carry such products in the U.S.

Our customers are parents and gift givers who are looking for high-quality children’s products that are safe, fun, educational and engaging, while also being luxurious. While luxury and quality is important to our customers, they also understand that many families and their children are not as privileged. Through Arden Anne’s “delight. inspire” program, our customers take comfort in the fact that for every purchase they make, Arden Anne donates a children book to a qualifying charity. The beneficiaries of our “delight. inspire” program changes throughout the year, but all are focused on ending child illiteracy in the U.S.

We poured our personal savings and efforts into this endeavor so that our children and hopefully yours and those of your friends will have the ability to experience products from other parts of the world (and great domestic toys as well). We believe that even a small part of what makes those countries unique (German engineering, French sophistication, American creativity, and Japanese cuteness, for example) can rub off on all our children and with your support we can significantly reduce child illiteracy in America.

Thanks for visiting.

   - Frank, Mindy, Abigail, Anderson and Arden Anne